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May 22-23   | June 26-27 | July 10-11 | July 31- Aug 1

Icon Starter Horse Camps are a great opportunity to get your little one on a pony and see if that  is something of interest to them! During a camp day, your child will learn how to safely handle  and interact with horses. With keeping in mind littles attention spans, riders will begin by  building confidence on the ground with a horse by being taught general handing and grooming  skills. Littles will progress when ready to a mounted ride where the focus will be on balance,  coordination and overall comfortability. Small groups will be fitted by maturity and  understanding to ensure maximum safety. Outside of riding and horse care, there will also be  crafts, activities and games to further education and love for horses, as well as have a fun  memento to take home from camp! If weather permits, water activities will be included to cool  off.


May 24-27 | June 28-July 1 | July 12-15 | Aug 2-5

Beginner and intermediate camps will coincide. Riding groups will be determined based off of  experience. An entry level of remaining in control of one’s horse/pony off of a lead at the trot is  required to meet the beginner requirement. The requirement for an intermediate level is to be  able to safely and confidently canter and jump. Each camp week will consist of expanding equestrian knowledge through games, drills and activities, both while mounted and  unmounted. If weather permits, water activities will be included to cool off.

* Outside riders will be considered for Beginner/Intermediate level camps by coming for a lesson  prior to camp to determine riding level.


Each Week is Different!

Kick off to summer with fun activities: TBD

Before summer really gets busy with trips, other activities, and horse shows, this will be a  chance to slow down for a few days and enjoy being with our horses who work hard for us year  round. Each day of camp will consist of a mounted ride, activities/games/drills mounted and  unmounted, and various equine trivia (hippology). Beginner and intermediate riding groups will  be assigned based on individual skill and necessity. 

Get ready for show season with a Show Prep Week: TBD

During this week, riders will be assigned 1 horse for the week. Riding levels will be divided into  beginner and intermediate groups based on necessity. With a beginner and intermediate team  for the horse, campers will be responsible for the day/day care during the duration of the week.  This week will cover nutrition for horses and overall care, as well as specific show care.  Campers will also learn about what goes into a course design as well as how to set a proper  show course! During the campers mounted portion of the day, we will be preparing for a final  show at the end of the week to be professionally judged. All parents, friends, and family are  welcome to attend to cheer on their camper! 

Let’s start getting ready for IEA with an IEA Prep Week: TBD

Whether your camper is interested in joining our IEA team or not, riding different horses is  always a great way to build experience. Each day, riders divided into beginner and intermediate  riding levels will draw a horse for the day. IEA is an organization strictly judged on a rider's  position and proper communication with a horse, and that is what the focus will be on that this  week! History of equitation will be discussed with games and activities as well as general  hippology. The week will conclude with a professional judged show on Saturday. Riders will show  their draw for the day. All parents, friends, and family are welcome to attend to cheer on their  camper! 

Time to wind down summer, get ready to hunt with a Fox Hunting Prep Week: TBD Hunting is just around the corner and what better way to prepare than to spend the entire  week doing so with various hunting activities. Campers will learn the history of fox hunting while  also learning the horsemanship and care that goes along with it. TVH Master and Huntsman  Ryan Johnsey will make a guest appearance with the TVH hounds. Riding session during camp will be geared to have your rider ready for a hunter pace and/or an off property trail ride to conclude the week! 



Discounts & Details

• Each day of camp will be $100.00. Starter horse camps $200.00 and Themed Week  camps $400.00. Campers are encouraged to sign up for the entire week if possible and  priority will be given to those who do.  

• A $25.00/day discount is given to those who own and or lease their own horse/pony 

• A $25.00 per day of help discount will be given to ages 13+ who volunteer as a counselor for the early week mini camps 

• A discount for Themed camps of $100.00 is offered if a participant attends all 4 weeks of  camp, $50.00 for 3 weeks.  

• A discount of $50.00 is offered if a participant attends all 4 weeks of Starter camps, and  $25.00 discount for 3 weeks.  

• A $25.00/week discount is offered to the second child from each family attending in the  same week 

• $200.00 deposit is required to hold your campers spot upon registration. Remaining  camp payment is due prior to the 1st day of camp for your chosen week(s) 

• Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another week with a $25.00  transfer fee.

**Print Registration & Email to

** Payment can be made by check or Venmo

*Please note that all camps are based upon sufficient interest. Adequate notice and full  refunds will be issued if any camp cannot run for any reason. 


Covid 19 Precautions

• Parents are encouraged to check their child’s wellness, as well as temperature if  necessary, before dropping their child off each day. 
• Multiple bathroom/washing stations will be available with antibacterial soap and hand  dryers, as well as hand sanitizer throughout the facility. Campers will be encouraged to  wash/sanitize hands throughout the day. 
• Majority of camp will be held outside and in well ventilated barn areas 
• Shared tack, grooming tools, and community riding apparel will be disinfected often


What to wear / bring to camp days!

• Breeches, blue jeans, or leggings to participate in the riding portion 
• Paddock boots, cowboy boots, or hard sole shoes with a heel to be around the  horses/ride  
• ASTM/SEI Certified Equestrian Helmet, if convenient 
• Change of clothes for warm weather days(Shorts/T-shirt) 
• Bathing suit, water shoes, towel, and sunscreen for water activities
• Water bottle (several) / no sugary drinks
• Packed lunch / snacks (refrigeration available) & money for concessions


Learn Something New Today

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